Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science
The Next Issue:
Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
53 (4), December 2018

Our next issue will include the following articles:


Science, Religion, and Public Policy by Arthur C. Petersen and Willem B. Drees


Two Perspectives on Animal Morality by Adam Willows and Marcus Baynes-Rock

Emersonian Virtures of the Anthropocene: Faith, Hope, and Love by Emily Dumler-Winckler

Limitations of the Neuroscientific Study of Mystical Experiences by Richard H. Jones

Remembrance and Resilience: How the Bodyself Responds to Trauma by Ann Pederson, Erin Nuetzman, Jennifer Gubbels, and Leonard Hummel

Modern Science and Biblical Miracles: The Boyle Lecture 2018

Apocalypses Now: Modern Science and Biblical Miracles: The Boyle Lecture 2018 by Mark Harris

The Ambivalence of Scientific Naturalism: A Response to Mark Harris by John Hedley Brooke

On “the Natural Nature of Naturalism”: Answers to John Hedley Brooke’s Questions by Mark Harris

Methodological Naturalism?

Magnets, Magic, and Other Anomalies: In Defense of Methodological Naturalism by John Perry and Sarah Lane Ritchie

The Possibility of a Theology-Engaged Science: A Response to Perry and Lane Ritchie by Andrew Torrance

Reconsidering “The Conflict Thesis”

Relocating the Conflict between Science and Religion at the Foundations of the History of Science by James C. Ungureanu

The “Conflict Thesis” and Positivist History of Science: A View from the Periphery by Miguel de Asúa


The Young Muslims Guide to Modern Science by Nidhal Guessoum reviewed by Stefano Bigliardi