Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science
The Next Issue:
Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science
53 (2), June 2018

Our next issue will include the following articles:


Mental Health, Climate Change, and New Archival Material on Teilhard de Chardin by Willem B. Drees


Teilhard de Chardin, Original Sin, and the Six Propositions by Paul Bentley and David Grumett

Mental Wellbeing, Neuroscience, and Religion

Mental Wellbeing, Neuroscience, and Religion: An Introduction by Gillian K. Straine and Mark Harris

A Theological Perspective on Mental Health and Wellbeing by Fraser Watts

The Physicalized Mind and the Gut-Brain Axis: Taking Mental Health out of Our Heads by Lindsay E. Bruce and Sarah Lane Richie

In the Beginning: The Role of Myth in Relating Religion, Brain Science, and Mental Wellbeing by Jaime Wright

Empirical Mindfulness: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mental Health in the Science and Religion Dialogue by William L. Atkins

The Church and Mental Health: Theological and Practical Responses by Ben Ryan

The Wicked Problem of Climate Change

Living with the Wicked Problem of Climate Change by Karl E. Peters

What Is Cliamte Change Doing to Us and for Us? by Paul H. Carr

Climate Change in Context: Stress, Shock, and the Crucible of Livingkind by James Clement van Pelt

Climate Change at High Latitudes: An Illuminating Example by Robert S. Pickart

Soil Carbon Transformations by Emily E. Austin

Climate Change and Conflicting Future Visions by David A. Larrabee

Eco-anxiety, Tragedy, and Hope: Psychological and Spiritual Dimensions of Climate Change by Panu Pihkala

Re-envisioning Hope: Anthropogenic Climate Change, Learned Ignorance, and Religious Naturalism by Carol Wayne White

Climate Change, Laudato Si, Creation Spirituality and the Nobility of the Scientist’s Vocation by Matthew Fox

Art and Climate Change: Contemporary Artists Respond to Global Crisis by Christopher Volpe

The Wicked Problem of Our Failing Social Compact by Jim Rubens

Crossing the Divide: Lessons from Developing Wind Energy in Post-Fact America by Peter L. Kelley


A Natural History of Human Morality by Michael Tomasello reviewed by Lluis Oviedo