Publishing four issues of the Zygon Journal each year requires the expertise of many in assessing manuscripts and preparing them for publication. These people provide valuable service to the journal. Grateful acknowledgment is hereby given for the assistance provided by members of the Editorial Advisory Board and the Joint Publication Board. We also want to thank the following people for their assistance with the editorial process during the past year:

Zainal Abdin Bagir, Joseph A. Bracken, Brian Brown, Robert Callergård, Geoffrey Cantor, Mark J.K. Coeckelbergh, Floris Cohen, Christopher J. Corbally, Paul Croce, Rana Dajani, Robert J. Deltete, Johan De Smedt, Kathleen Duffy, Jonathan Edelmann, Taner Edis, David Fergusson, Robert Matthew Geraci, Mohammed Ghaly, David Gosling, Salman Hameed, Wouter J. Hanegraaff, Daniel A. Helminiak, Mary Claire Hersh, David A. Hogue, Michael S. Hogue, Bernhard Hommel, Subhash Kak, David M. Knight, Dick Koelega, David N. Livingstone, Donald S. Lopez, Howard Lupovitch, Robert McCauley, David L. McMahan, Stephen M. Modell, Ted F. Peters, Jason Rampelt, Larry L. Rasmussen, Doren Recker, Kenneth Reynhout, Loyal D. Rue, Norbert M. Samuelson, Gloria L. Schaab, Joeri Schrijvers, Lea Schweitz, Christopher Southgate, Jerome A. Stone, Barbara Ann Strassberg, Bronislaw Szerszynski, R. Paul Thompson, Frank M. Turner, and J. Wentzel van Huyssteen.

Further acknowledgment is rendered to the following individuals who have provided competent and willing assistance to the journal through the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago:

Bob Berridge, Kimberly Bryant, Kenesa Debela, Kimberly Ferguson, Jane Gegel, Richard Hensey, Cheryl Hoth, Jessica Houston, Gerry Hubbarth, Lucy Lee, Jeannie Price, Nate Ramsey, Sally Richardson, Jim Schaal, Nick Spehar, and Mark Van Scharrel.

We also want to thank Valparaiso University for the services they have provided to our Book Review Editor, James F. Moore, and Leiden University for the services provided to the Editor, Willem B. Drees.