Publishing four issues of Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science each year requires the expertise of many in assessing manuscripts and preparing them for publication. These people provide valuable service to the journal. Grateful acknowledgment is hereby given for the assistance provided by members of the Editorial Advisory Board and the Joint Publication Board. We also want to thank the following people for their assistance with the editorial process during the past year:

Amy Banks, Chris Barrigar, Whitney Bauman, Harvey Cawdron, Lok‐Chi Chan, Philip Clayton, Humberto Coelho, Ronald Cole‐Turner, Majid Daneshgar, Willem Drees, George Ellis, Robert Flaherty, Arvin Gouw, Nidhal Guessoum, Alan Gunn, Yuanlin Guo, Yogi Hendlin, Peter Hill, Benjamin Hohman, Rodney Holder, Thierry Hoquet, Elaine Howard Ecklund, Richard H. Jones, Erkki Vesa Rope Kojonen, Victoria Lorrimar, Kenneth MacKendrick, Colin Mackerras, Shoaib Malik, Scott Mandelbrote, Paul McClure, Braden Molhoek, Nazif Muhtaroglu, Shiri Noy, Lluís Oviedo, John Perry, Gregory Peterson, Stephen Pope, Steve Porter, Emily Qureshi‐Hurst, Josh Reeves, Holmes Rolston, Peter Saulson, Thomas Schlag, Racheal Shillitoe, Haroon Sidat, Bethany Sollereder, Neil Spurway, Mariusz Tabaczek, Renny Thomas, Hava Tirosh‐Samuelson, Andrew Torrance, Boris van Meurs, Mats Wahlberg, John Wilkins, Jason Yonover, and Robbert Zandbergen.

Further acknowledgment is rendered to the following individuals who have provided competent and willing assistance to the journal editorial office through the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago:

Bob Berridge, Carlos Carrillo, Aaron Copley‐Spivey, Debra Cronin, John Damer, Samantha De Bias, Marvis Hardy, Cheryl Hoth, Esther Menn, Mike Reese, Jennifer Stone, and Rich Vivian.

We also want to thank University College London and Elmhurst University for the services they provided to our Editor, Arthur C. Petersen, and Book Review Editor, Mladen Turk, respectively.